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Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom Set

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The bundle includes:

  • 2x Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom (2x20 tablets)
  • Hair Care Panda Beauty Bag - convenient toiletry bag

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About the product

The bundle contains:

Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom

1 Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom show

Drinking collagen in a delicious form!

Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom contains effervescent tablets with fish collagen that has a similar structure to human collagen. Dissolve the tablet in water and enjoy a delicious strawberry drink. You can prepare it anywhere you want! All you need is water!

The product contains fish collagen, sodium, vitamin C and potassium. The tablets are easy to use, there are two product variants (10 or 20 tablets per tube). You can choose the duration of your treatment depending on your needs. The tube contains 20 effervescent tablets.

Fish collagen in the form of hydrolysate

Vitamin C supports proper collagen production to maintain the good functioning of your skin.

Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom is an ideal supplementation to the magic formula of Hair Care Pand Vegan Gummies.

Check out the version with 10 tablets of Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom Mini.

Check the Composition and FAQ

Hair Care Panda Beauty Bag

2 Hair Care Panda Beauty Bag show

We have a cute Hair Care Panda beauty bag. You can store your cosmetics, cosmetic utensils, and other accessories. The beauty bag is factory sealed tight. This guarantees that no one has used it before and that the beauty bag is only yours ;). It is made of waterproof material, which will protect its content against unexpected accidents, e.g. spilt coffee. The Panda beauty bag will become your true friend for every journey.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 17 cm

Material: PET film free of allergic substances

Be #zerowaste with us and take care of the environment!

Love and protect the planet with us! Hair Care Panda is sealed in a packaging, which is suitable for segregation. After finishing the product throw them to proper containers or reuse them! Let's take care of the Earth together! ❤️

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Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom

1 Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom show

Active ingredients

Amount per 1 tablet

marine fish collagen

500 mg


180 mg

Vitamin C, including:

Vitamin C obtained from a dog rose

90 mg (112,5% NRV)*

21 mg


80 mg (4% NRV)*

* % Nutrient Reference Value

Total percentage of amino acids:





Glutamic acid








Aspartic acid
























In total



Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom

1 Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom show

1. Who should use the product?

Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom effervescent tablets contain 500 mg fish collagen. They also have sodium, vitamin C and potassium. The product has a strawberry taste and it is easy to prepare.

2. What is the product's composition?

Ingredients: acidity regulator; citric acid, firming agent: sorbitols, sodium bicarbonate, hydrolysed fish collagen, potassium bicarbonate, beetroot concentrate, aroma, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), firming agent: polyethylene glycol, dog rose flower extract (Rosa canina), sweetener: sucralose.  Sucralose is a derivative of sucrose. It is used as a sweetener that does not contain any calories.

3. How to use the product?

Dissolve the tablet in a glass (200 ml) of cold water. You can also dissolve it in more water - find your favourite proportions! The supplement is dedicated to adults. The recommended daily serving is 1 tablet. Drink immediately after preparation. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving. The food supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for maintaining good health. The recommended daily intake provides beneficial health results.  The product contains a sweetener: sucralose.  Sucralose is a derivative of sucrose. It is used as a sweetener that does not contain any calories.

4. How to store the product?

The product should be stored at a temperature between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius. Keep in a dry place, away from small children.

5. How many tablets are in one bottle?

One tube contains 20 tablets. You can add a version with 10 tablets here.

6. What is the net weight of the product?

The net weight of the product is 80 g.

7. Can Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom be used by children?

Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom is a product dedicated to adults.

8. Can Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?

Pregnancy is a special time, therefore you should consult a doctor before taking any food supplements.

9. What is the taste of Hair Care Panda Bubble Boom?

This is a strawberry paradise for us! We've heard that taste almost as strawberry ice cream or even as a watermelon when dissolved in more water. ☺

10. Does it contain sugar?

No, the product does not contain sugar. The product contains a sweetener: sucralose. Sucralose is a derivative of sucrose. It is used as a sweetener that does not contain any calories.


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The opinion of experts

This pleasant form of hair vitamins should not be ignored because the results are visible even in the first phase of the treatment thanks to the special VEGAN SUPER Biotin Complex formula

dr Violetta Tomaszewicz

Hair loss is one of the most frequent problems of women and men. A high amount of biotin can solve this problem, however, regularity and its proper amount are the most important.

Edyta Kluś
a trychologist

Regularity is the most frequent problem of my clients. All of them know very well how to take care of their hair, both from the inside and the outside. However, only some remember about their everyday supplementation of essential minerals. Finally, I have a solution which is available in form of delicious vegan gummies that you simply cannot forget!

Mariusz Kur
a hairdresser and trychologist

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