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Test results:

Low porosity hair

They are soft and smooth, and less demanding. They are often called "slippery". They do not get curly, wavy, or frizzy. Hair are difficult to style. Colouring does not always bring the expected results. The natural approach is recommended - regular washing with a soft shampoo and using herbal conditioners afterward. Once in a while use hair oils and aloe conditioner, brush your hair with a soft brittle brush. These hair are resistant to damage, but if you want to maintain their healthy look do not style hair in hot temperatures. Avoid using heavy masks and oils. This hair type is easy to burden and difficult to clean. They will not absorb the excess of used cosmetics, therefore be careful to not use too much of them.

Medium porosity hair

They combine the characteristics of high and low porosity hair. This is the most common hair type. They are not damaged, but for example, due to negligence or excessive styling, they can become weaker. If you do not want to worsen their condition, avoid all aggressive detergents, frequent thermal styling, and rough rubbing when they are wet. This hair type can be wavy, they are rather not dry or damaged, not as typical low porosity glossy hair. They are more susceptible to styling. What is more, this type of hair slightly reacts to air humidity just like high porosity hair. Observe your hair and depending on their condition adjust proper cosmetics as well as the used amount.

High porosity hair

They are considered as the most damaged hair. They get frizzy, electrify, absorb water and cosmetics very quickly. The ends are split and hair are dry. Very frequently they are stiff and dry - therefore, they are easy to manage and colour. Their volume is visibly greater. A dryer, curler, straightener worsen their look and after drying they look like hay. High porosity hair are in most cases curly or wavy. They require many care treatments, e.g. moisturising masks, oils, and conditioners (even 2-3 times a week). This hair type frequently undergoes various treatments - colouring, lightening, thermal styling. Aggressive treatments further damage hair - avoid strong detergents (SLS), hot water, and rough brushing while wet.


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